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Are you disappointed because of failures in your life? People unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hoped or expected, or because something did not happen: Are you  deeply disappointed at/about the result you are getting for the efforts you are doing to make a success. Your parents were bitterly disappointed in/with on you. Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest.  disappointed means discouraged or sad because what you hoped for didn’t happen. If you write a fan letter to your favorite actress hoping for a personal reply.  And you did not get any reply from your favorite actor. You are working hard for a success but you are not able to make a success and you are running away from a situation you are facing from the results which are against always.

This is an amazing and if you are becoming addicted from the disappointments you are welcome to read the whole story to get rid from the failures from your life.

Disappointment is the process of holding our self to blame for the situation we are in that time. But once it is assumed you are that you are the only person for the situation you to be let down, you start building another core belief in yourself.  Namely, that you are deserving of the pain and disappointment you experienced from the life you spent on a success, or, otherwise you all of the efforts put, not deserving of getting what we really want and need.  By determining yourself as unworthy, you make sense of the initial wounding; you are not entitled to what you want and need and thus, understandably, our caretakers did not give it to us.  This allows you to keep mom, dad or whomever perpetrated the hurt in a positive light and to continue holding yourselves to blame, as the cause of our own suffering, which for a long time, ironically, may seem preferable to considering that you are not to blame and in fact, deserving and worthy of good care. And yet, still, did not receive it.

When disappointment and hurt have been deep and regular, there can develop a paradoxical pleasure in the experience of suffering.  We feel a sense of validation and satisfaction in being let down again and again, a unusual enjoyment and comfort in proving our negative experience to be true.  We continue proving to ourselves and the world that we can’t get what we need, and, underneath that belief, that we don’t in fact deserve it by our level of knowledge and education.  The ongoing disappointments confirm our rightness and establish a truth that can be relied upon, unlike the rest of life, and people. There then grows a gratification pleasure in our own unworthiness, a satisfaction in being proven as undeserving.  This distorted gratification then becomes an habitual substitute for getting what we really want, which is not actually disappointment. If you are still feeling the situation explained above all

Just Learn a Subject from the animal and I am sure you will leave your situation in s short while.

You can deal any situation can become winners if you do not run away from the ground and fight until the success.

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