How do I get a job in US

How do get a Jobs in USA is not an easy way specially for outsider and International candidates, Because without having an information on where are how to apply for the latest jobs in USA its very difficult to candidates to get one of the best job for his / her profile.

There are thousands of places to look for jobs and employments in America and many can be contacted before you arrive in America. To get you Begin, Read some of the effective ways to get jobs in USA.

Newspapers & Magazines:

There are thousands of job offers are posted in the classified sections of daily newspapers (often in Sunday issues), in weekly newspapers, monthly magazines (such as city magazines) and specialized trade magazines and journals from all over the States in USA. If you search for a highly qualified or academic job at a national level, you should look for the Saturday editions of national daily newspapers such as the New York Times or the Washington Post. If you are looking for a more standard job try the local papers, which often carry work advertisements.


In recent years the internet has become one of the most important tools for job searches in the US, and online applications are now the preferred means of applying for work, especially among young people and graduates. Most online recruitment websites allow customized searches where you can specify the sector and even the region where you wish to work. You can also place your CV on numerous websites so that companies looking for specific skills can contact you Many of websites which are a good resource of jobs posting specially where millions of jobs already awaiting for good professionals and skilled workers.

Private recruiting agencies :

Private job agencies play an important role in the American labor market, especially for highly qualified jobs and senior positions (according to estimates, some 70 per cent of top level executives are hired through Private recruiting agencies such as Champion Employees). Most employment agencies specialize in certain job profiles or industry sectors and are paid for by the employer, often with a variable compensation in case of employment. Some agencies request a fee from job applicants – however, these can be rather dubious firms that offer very little value for money.

Employment agencies:

Many of the agencies make their money by contracting or hiring workers and ‘renting’ them out to employers, mostly on a temporary basis in USA where worked are paid on hourly bases. The employment agency usually takes around 10 to 20 percent of your salary as a margin from the employers. We do not recommend that you pay any upfront fees in this situation.

Career fairs:

Another important way to find a job in USA to attend a Career Fair and it interview of the American job market is to visit a career fair. Such types of fairs usually host a range of employers and often concentrate on a specific sector. For some fairs you have to apply in advance by sending in your CV. Employers will then study the CVs and decide who they want to see.

Personal Applications:

In some cases (especially for less qualified jobs), you might just go to a potential employer and try to introduce yourself personally. This approach usually leads to one of the following scenarios: (a) you get kicked straight out of the door or (b) your hands-on approach is seen as having initiative and your details are filed for future job openings.

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