Gold Jewel Appraisers on contract basis in Andhrabank

Applications are invited for appointment of Gold Jewel Appraisers on contract basis in Andhra bank Branches situated in Hyderabad and Areas. Interested candidates may contact at the above address.

The following are norms for Appointment of Gold Jewel Appraiser

Sales Tax/Commercial Tax Registration is preferable.

  1. Statement of account or pass book issued by the Bank where the account of the applicant is maintained is to be produced. In case the applicant is not having any account, bank account proof of his blood relatives like his Father/Brother/spouse may be produced. Copy of the LIC policy is also accepted.
  2. It is desirable that the applicant is member of local Jewel’s association/Jewel maker’s association. Where the applicant is unable to produce proof of such membership,

A certificate of experience in Jewel making or appraising for a period of not less than 1 year from a local jewellery shop or a

Jewel maker with considerable Experience is accepted.

Certificate issued by a Training Institute like

Department of MSME, goldsmith association, gold Jewel association, Polytechnic etc. Will also be accepted.

4. Applicant is to produce conduct and character certificate or provide names of two local persons as references from whom the bank will  obtain such certificates directly.

The applicant seeking appointment as Gold Jewel appraiser should be a goldsmith either local/nearby town with considerable experience in the profession.OR

Certificate holder from institutes mentioned in point no.3 above with a minimum experience of one year.

6. He must be available at the branch throughout the working hours on all working days and as and when called by the branch.

7. The applicant should have semi urban or urban property worth not less than Rs.50000/ and should offer third party guarantee also.

8. The applicant should submit identity proof and address proof towards KYC compliance.

9 If the remuneration of the appraiser exceeds Rs.10000/ a month, 20% cutback will be

made from the remuneration over and above Rs.10000/ –

and shall be taken as RD+

Deposit with lien to the bank.

10. The following branches are identified for appointment of Gold Jewel appraisers.

01). Amberpet


Apollo Hospitals


Bagh Amberpet






Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan


Endowments Office


Gagan Mahal


Himayat Nagar






LabourCommissioners Office


Langer House


Malakpet 15). Mehdipatnam


MLA Colony 17). Moosarambagh 18). Mukhramjahi Road

19). NIMS 20). Personal Banking 21). Rajbhavan Road

22). Saifabad 23). Secretariat


Special Agricultural Branch

25). Sultan Bazar


Phone: 040 -24750549 , 24683131

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