How to Become a Bank Mitra or Bank Agent

How to Become a Bank Mitra or Bank Agent?
When the in 2014 new government of India was constituted, Prime Minister Narendra Modi have planed many Schemes for the People of India. Modi Government was planed a Scheme to open A Bank Account of Every individual in Government sector or Private Sector Bank so that every common Man could be directly linked to Nearest Bank and everyone can enhance the role of development of India. There are some more Planes are in Process and so there is a lot of Man power need to handle every common man. There are very limited resource of Government Sector and Private sector Bank is not able to pursue all plans of Government and so government and Banks decided to Open some Opening for Private People those will work as a bank Agents or Know as Bank Mitra.
Bank Mitra are the people from the society those will work for Banks to generate new leads for Banks, Open New Bank Accounts, To Help the Communities and People to Open New Accounts in their Nearest Banks. Bank Mitra will work as a Bank Agents on Behalf of Banks and will give complete solutions for the people those are looking new Bank Accounts and other Bank Related Advices. A Bank Mitra is work as a Representative the related Bank for which is working and Bank will guide him. Bank Mitra basically acts like the representatives of banks and provides all kind of assistance in opening an account under the PMJDY scheme.

Duties and Responsibilities Bank Mitra under PMJDY?

A Bank Mitra basically will help the People and Community to a bridge bet the Common man and Bank so that every individual can get benefits of all government schemes ad plans. If any Person face any problem to Correspondents Agents or more popularly known as Bank Mitra Mainly helps people in all the problems and queries which may occur during opening of a bank account in Government Bank under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. The Other The main duties of Bank Mitra are as follows:

The First Duty of a Bank Mitra is to spread awareness to open new accounts in government sector banks and get the benefits of government schemes and plans money and debt related issues.

Another important role of a Bank Mitra to gathered and verifies forms needed to open a bank account under the Prime Minister Jan dhan Yojana.
The third responsibility of a Bank Bank Mitra is to help people in filling and submitting application forms.
Fourth role of a Bank Mitra is to collect the payment of small value deposits.
A Bank Mitra will provide details of bank account like mini statement.
Bank Mitra will provide any kind of assistance on the behalf of the bank.

Who can join as a Bank Mitra?
What are the eligibility to become a Bank Mitra?

Although there is great eligibility criteria for becoming a Bank Mitra yet there are only minimum qualifications and age required to become a Bank Mitra.
A Person 18 years of old can become a Bank Mitra.
Although, different banks have different process for selecting a Bank Mitra and the final decision rests in the bank’s hand. However, there are few people who will get a preference over others for becoming a Bank Mitra. These people can easily Become Bank Mitra:

Any Retired Bank Employees
All Retired Teachers can easily job as a Bank Mitra
Any Retired Govt. Employees

All of the individual owns of kirayana / medical/ shops, individual Public Call Office (PCO) operators, Agents of Small Savings Scheme of Government of India / Insurance Companies.

What are the r benefits to become a Bank Mitra?

If you are looking to become a Bank Mitra for a Bank, will get a fixed salary of 5000 INR irrespective of the bank and branch. Apart from this, commission on debit/credit cards will also be given which differs from bank to bank. Under the scheme of PMJDY, all the Bank Mitra can get a loan of 1.25 lakhs INR which is distributed as INR 50,000 for tools, 50,000 INR for vehicle and 25,000 INR for working.

How to apply to Become a Bank Mitra?

To be Join as a Bank Mitra, you directly contact the bank branch and follow the instructions laid by the concern Bank.

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